~ Dry Docking Farm, St. Mary's County ~


Records of Dry Docking Farm

The following record of Dry Docking farm was compiled from deeds, wills, and lawsuit records of St. Mary's County, Maryland.

June 11, 1670 - A warrant for 50 acres of land is issued to Robert Drury for transporting himself to Maryland.

Robert Drury obtained a patent for 100 acres called "Dry Docking", 50 acres by assignment from John Vaughan for his time of service in Maryland and 50 acres for Drury's time of service.

November 6, 1676 - Land was surveyed for Thomas Evans in St. Lawrence's Branch, near Drury's land "Dry Docking". Possessor of surveyed land: William Bannister. (This would indicate that Dry Docking was still in Robert Drury's possession in 1676.)

Abt. 1680 - John Tant married Margaret Drury, believed to be the daughter of Robert. At the time of his marriage, John Tant received the tract "Dry Docking" near St. Lawrence Creek.

Oct 20, 1683 - "Dry Docking Addition" surveyed for Robert Drury of 100 acres adjoining land called Dry Docking, held in 1707: 100 acres owned by John Cissell.

1702 - James Tant, son of John, received "Dry Docking" as a gift from his father at the time of his marriage to Mary Tattershall. He later married Mary Heard. James Tant had a daughter, Ann Tant.

1707 - John Cissell, Jr. (b. abt. 1660-1680 - d. abt. 1722) in 1707 owned 100 acres of "Dry Docking Addition" in New Towne Hundred.

Abt. 1720 - Ann Tant, daughter of James, married George Medley. After his death in 1731, she married William Williams. When George Medley died in 1731, he left property to his four sons, including oldest son Clement, and three others .

1758-1762 - In 1762, Charles Jarboe adds 100 acres of "Dry Docking Addition" to his estate. This additional land was obtained from John Baptist Brown, who was holding "Dry Docking Addition" in 1758. Although "Dry Docking" and "Dry Docking Addition" were owned by separate parties at this time, they were brought back again generations later.

1753-1774 - Clement Medley was in possession of properties including "Dry Docking" according to the Rent Rolls, until his death in 1772. William Williams, husband of Ann Tant, rented the property from his stepson, Clement Medley.

November 29, 1774 - Bennett Medley, son of Clement, wills to his brother, Mathew Medley, 150 acres of "Dry Docking now in hands of Mary Drury, widow of Robert Drury".

June 3, 1788 - Matthew Medley ( b. 2/16/1766), son of Clement, wills to his wife Margaret Combs Medley all of his lands including "Dry Docking" during her lifetime and widowhood, and to his daughter Mary Ann Walbert Medley, the land after the death of his wife.

April 15, 1807 - A five -acre portion of "Dry Docking Addition" is mentioned in Orphan's court document for the orphan child of Bennet Riley, "the whole farm containing about 331 acres and composed of the following tracts or parcels of Land to wit: part of 'Saint Peter's Hills' containing about 100 acres and 'Dryadockins Addition' containing about 5 acres of land"

1821 - "Dry Docking Addition" is named in the following lawsuit: Ignatius Aud vs. Michael Raley and William Raley. Estate of John Raley--Dryadocking Addition, St. Peters Hills, Satisfaction.

September 14, 1823 - James Gunn has his several properties confiscated for non-performance to the banks, and "Dry Docking" is included in the sheriff's sale. "Dry Docking" is purchased by Joseph Harris along with several other properties. It is not yet known how Gunn came into the property. He was listed as a St. Mary's County voter in 1790. James Gunn of Chaptico, a merchant, moved to Baltimore County from St. Clement in 1797 and married Ann Ford in 1808. An Ann Ford was also married to a John Medley. They are not the same Ann Ford (generations apart, within the same Ford family) but maybe there is a connection yet to be discovered.

July 7, 1829 - "Dry-A-Docking" is once again the subject of a court case: EQUITY COUR T RECORDS--ST. MARYS CO., MD. Court Case 169, 203 Undated - Susan Greenwell vs. William Thomas, Henry G. S. Key, James Hamilton, John A. Greenwell, Ann C. Greenwell, Lucretia L. Greenwell, Thomas C, Greenwell, Eleanor C. Greenwell, John & MaryAnn Simms. Estate of Philip Greenwell-Leonardtown-Dry-A-Docking. Equity Ct. 19731-139 Philip Greenwell 7/7/1829

April 12, 1831 - Auction posted 4/12/1831 to sell 1 acre "Tavern lot" in Leonardtown and a parcel 1-1/2 miles from Leonardtown "Dry Docking" of 96-1/4 acres subject to widow's dower.

1833 - "Dry Docking" is named in the following lawsuit in St. Mary's County: 169, 203 [354] Susan Greenwell vs. William Thomas, Henry G. S. Key, James Hamilton, John A. Greenwell, Ann C. Greenwell, Lucretia L. Greenwell, Thomas C. Greenwell, Eleanor C. Greenwell, John Simms, and Mary Ann Simms. Estate of Philip Greenwell--Leonardtown lot, Dry-a-Docking.

1850 - The following lawsuit contains a likely reference to "Dry Docking" when it mentions "Leonardtown Lot". 325: E. Le o Spalding and James R. Floyd vs. Aloysius F. Fenwick, Jane Greenwell, Lewis W. Greenwell, and John Philip Greenwell. Estate of John A. Greenwell--Washington Hotel and Leonardtown lot.

March 13, 1852 - "Dry Docking" is resurveyed for E. L. (Edward Leo) Spalding.

August 3, 1887 - The late Richard H. Miles conveys in his will unto Oscar Miles "more than I consider a fair portion of his estate" and so Oscar conveys to Richard H. Garner in trust for the grandniece of Richard H. Miles, Blanche Wood Miles, "DryaDocking" containing 200 acres and "Woodbury" containing 190 acres. To be held until Blanche turns the age of 21 or marries, whichever comes first. Richard H. Miles, on July 21, 1887 had already transferred "Mill Seat" to Blanche Wood Garner "inconsideration of the natural love that I bear unto my grandniece".

December 24, 1909 - Louis B. Schneider and Mateer(?) B. M. Schneider, his wife, of Washington, D.C. convey to George Y. McCully of St. Mary's County, for the sum of $10 and other goods and considerations, "Dryadocking" and "Dryadocking Addition", containing 200 acres. "Being the same land conveyed by a deed dated August 3, 1887 from Oscar Miles and Eleanor Miles, his wife, to Richard H. Garner, Trustee.

32 September 15, 1910 - George Y. McCully and wife Edith R. McCully for $824 grant unto James Ford Greenwell, "Dry Docking" containing 140 acres.

May 10, 1930 - "Whereas, James Ford Greenwell departed this life some fifteen years ago\'85.the said heirs are desirous of selling the said real estate." The heirs conveyed unto Joseph A. Saunders "Dryadocking", containing 140 acres, the same as conveyed by Gearge McCully to J. F. Greenwell, with the exception of a conveyance to George Thomas Swailes, and another conveyance to heirs of Emma J. Mathewson.

May 12, 1930}{\fs32 - Joseph A. Saunders, unmarried, for $10, conveys that tract of land commonly known as "Dry Docking" to Mabel E. Greenwell.

May 12, 1930 - Mabel E. Greenwell and her husband, R. Paul Greenwell, sell for $1,000 all the growing timber, cord wood, and all kinds of trees or other branches of all growth now upon the premises, of all that tract of land known as "Dryadocking" to James A. Mattingly being about 60 acres of woodland for a period of 14 years.

June 11, 1943 - Mabel E. Greenwell and R. Paul Greenwell, her husband, and James F. Mattingly for the purpose of granting all rights, for $10 and other good and valuable considerations, do grant and convey unto Joseph P. Wilkinson and Helen B. Wilkinson, his wife, that tract or parcel of land called and known as "Dryadocking", containing 140 acres of land.


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