This complete list of burials in St. Ignatius Cemetery was transcribed from the handwritten chart which hangs on the wall inside the entrance to the church. The list was then alphabetized for ease of reference. See photos of the charts below.(Key to the church available from the guard house at the Naval Station next door.)

Dolly Armstrong
James Barnes
Maria Barnes
Roslia Catherine Bayne
John Beale
Emily T. Bean
Mary Ellen Bean
Willey Bean
Ida Bell
Araminta Bennett
Jack Bennett
Ella Blanche
Bertha Elizabeth Bohanan
M. Ernestine Bohanan
William Henry Brown
Gladys Butler
Ignatius Butler
Johnston Butler
Lucinda Butler
Joseph A. Carroll
Levinia Carroll
Samuel Carroll
Ann Chisley
Richard Chisley
Sarah Chisley
Jane Fenwick Taylor Clarke
Richard Clarke
Robert Clarke
Isaac Clinton
Ann Coad
Auther Coad
Eleanor Ann Coad
Emily M. Coad
George D. Coad
Mary Cecilia Coad
Mary Virginia Coad 
Susan Ann Coad
Colonel William Coad
William R. Coad
Mary Crane
John C. Crull
Mary Daffin
Ann Davis
Christinea A. Davis
Ann Dunkinson
Silvia Dyson
James Fenwick
Richard Fenwick
Sarah Fish
Alice Flower
Cecilia Flower
John Bennett Flower
John Sebastian Flower
Mary Drucella Flower
Mary Jane Flower
William Gustavus Flower
John T. Gant
Peter Gough
Elizabeth Griffin
Urn Hall
Betty Hawkins
Henrietta Hawkins
Washington Hawkins
J. Felix Hayden
Laura Cecelia Hebb
Vitus G. Herbert
William R. Herbert
James Hill
Herbert Hills
Smallwood Ignatius
Capt. Randolf Jones
Samuel Jones
Mrs. Ann Jordan
Alexander Kennedy
Eliza W. Kennedy
John Wayles Kennedy
Hilary Key
Jack Kirby
William Bryan Knott Jr.
Ann Arabell Langley
Cora Jane Langley
Emily Langley
Ignatius J. Langley
James Jefferson Langley
James L. Langley
John Able Langley
Joseph H. Langley
Joseph J. Langley
Mary Ellen Langley
Mary Ida Langley
Phillip Edward Langley
Rosie May Langley
W. R. Langley
William Able Langley
William Edwin Langley
Ann Lee
J. Walter Leigh
Alice Marrian McKay
Ann G. C. McKay
Catherine G. McKay
Eliza W. McKay
Helen Eugenia McKay
John McKay
John T. McKay
Laura C. McKay
Maggie Arrabell McKay
Susan C. Raley McKay
Susan J. McKay
Teresis McKay
William McKay
Zach T. McKay
Mary C. Mason
Robert Mason
Ann Genetta Milburn
Mary Permilia Milburn
Rosa Ann Milburn 
Susan Marie Milburn
William H. Milburn
Margaret Murphy
Mary Murphy
Timothy Murphy
E. Joseta O’Hara
Mrs. Joseph Peacock
Mrs. Lottie Pilkerson
James W. Railey
Mary E. Railey
Alice Tarlton Raley
Catherine Olivia Raley
Dominic Raley
Edgar Raley
Francis Bernard Raley
Laura V. Raley
Mary C. Raley
Mary Verena Raley
Philip Raley
William Henry Raley
William Walter Raley
Levy Reed
Anna Richardson
Dr. James W. Roach
Cecelia Coad Roberts
Anna Twilly Robrecht
Joseph F. Robrecht
Joseph Romeis
Ann Smith
Elizabeth Rodman Smith
Jane Smith
Lewis Smith
Rebecca Smith
Rosalia Teresa Smith
Captain Thomas Smith
Eliza Somerville
Frater Sparks
Brady Spicer
Jerry Spicer
James P. Tarlton
Mary A. Tarlton
Robert Tarlton
Ann O. Taylor
Corrine Milburn Taylor
Harriet Taylor
Jeremiah Taylor
John Elmer Taylor
Joseph R. Taylor
Josephine Taylor
Maggie A. Taylor 
Mary Taylor
R. R. Taylor
Robert Taylor
Robert F. Taylor Jr.
Rosa Mary Taylor
William Adrian Taylor
William B. Taylor
William H. H. Taylor
Anna Marie Tennyson
Blanche Marie Tennyson
Irene Tennyson
James Alexander Tennyson
George Thomas
Mary Thomas
Otto Traussbach
Anne M. Trossbach
Aloysuis F. Trossbach
Fabian Trossbach
Mary Trossbach
Otto Trossbach
V. Isabelle Tylor
Rev. James Walton, S.J.
Mary A. Welsh
W. C. Welsh
Captain Benjamin Williams
Maria Williams
Mary Williams
Mrs. Dolie Wood
M. Lucy Wood
Stane Woodley


This list of burials hangs on the wall inside St. Ignatius Church. For enlarged photos, right-click and select "view image" (Netscape users).