André Mignier was born in 1640 on Ré's Island, off the coast of France to Michel Mignier and Catherine Masson.

He was a French soldier belonging to the Carignan Regiment (Company 'Allier/Lignieres), sent to Quebec in 1665 by King Louis XIV to protect the French settlers from the marauding bands of Iroguois Indians, who were raiding and slaughtering the early colonists.

First Canadian settlement, 1541; Jacques Cartier arrives in Stadacona (located at the present site of Quebec City)

The Carignan regiment had been formed as a private army in 1644 by Thomas Francois de Savoie, Prince de Carignan. It was an army made up of hand-picked volunteers. The standards were very high and these men had to be big and strong physically, with a strong fighting spirit. They had just returned from a successful engagement in the 1664 Hungarian campaign against the Turks, when the King agreed to send the soldiers, armed with matchlock and flintlock muskets, to Canada to aid the settlers.

André was 24 years old when he came to Canada on June 30, 1665. In the army he was called by his nickname, La Gachette, which means "someone who can shoot with abilities", or "sharpshooter". La Gachette eventually became Lagacé.

During the winter of 1655-1656, André was stationed in Quebec City. Between 1666-1667, his regiment joined the famous campaign against the Iroquois, manning garrisons and launching attacks. By the end of this period, their task was accomplished and the countryside was peaceful. About 800 of the soldiers went back to France at this time, but 400 stayed with the promise of receiving land, including André. Click here for a listing of the members of the Carignan-Salières Regiment.

On October 14, 1668 André received a piece of land located in Charlesbourg, and on October 23, 1668, in Notre Dame Church of Quebec, Father Henri de Bernieres blessed the marriage of Andre' Mignier and Jacquette Michel.

In 1672 Andre received an additional 15 acres for which he paid the price of one chicken and a small amount of money (15 sol en argent and 3 deniers) to be paid once a year on Martin's day.

In 1685, he and his family moved to Riviere-Ouelle, Quebec.


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Edith Chamberlain Merritt, daughter of Amié Chamberlain and Margaret "Maggie" Lagacé

Descendants of Michel Mignier and André Mignier dit Lagacé

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