Joseph P. Wilkinson, Jr. and his wife, Helen Bowles Wilkinson

Age 93 and 91 in July, 2001. They have been married 71 years.

Joseph is the 5th great grandson of William Wilkinson and Catherine Stone, who immigrated to St. Mary's County, Maryland in 1674. Helen Bowles is the daughter of William Wallace Bowles (1873-1958) and Ellen J. Hayden (1880-1936). They purchased Dry Docking Farm in 1941. The Wilkinsons ran an appliance store together in Leonardtown, Maryland for 31 years. Joseph was an electrical engineer and worked on the radios that the families of St. Mary's County depended on for news of the War, and also worked on military equipment at the nearby Navy base. The only electrical engineer in St. Mary's County, he was exempted from the draft because he was needed at the home front.

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